Rikks Revue
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Rikks Revue of : A Man + A Guitar = The Music

Original instrumental pieces for the acoustic Guitar,

Neil Speers shares his masterful style!

Neil Speers - A Man + A Guitar = The Music

By Rikks Revues writer Teresa Liao

Neil Speers returns to his humble roots with A Man + A Guitar = The Music. This 14-song collection is an exceptional example of beauty sung through the strings of the acoustic guitar. With this one instrument, Speers melds harmony and melody into music that could lull Picasso into blissful contentment. This is music made for the pure joy of making music. There are no gratuitous licks or flashy fingerstyles. But the music is far from simple or easy. Neil Speers skillfully picks the guitar much like a weaver works on a loom. He crafts intricately woven stories with six little strings, creating bright sounds and graceful rhythms.

Speers perfectly captures the joy and sadness and all the tribulations of life in 'Up And Down' while 'Montgomery Hill' will have you picturing a day romping on green hills. Every one of Neil Speers' tracks from A Man + A Guitar = The Music paints a tale that will make you reflect on life. Just listen to 'What You Are' and you will find a sublime piece of introspection and wisdom.

Speers is a talented musician. He plays several instruments including the saxophone, clarinet, accordion, flute, banjo and guitar. But it's not the notes that make his songs so appealing. It's the depth of emotion in the songs. It's a passion that can not come from music or life alone but from a life lived through the music. Speers' emotion runs so deep that it seeps from the vibrating strings into the core of those listening. And the most magical thing about it is that it's not a violent sort of passion. No, that sort of furious emotion always exhausts itself into nothing. What Speers has is a passion that is strong and understanding. The kind that makes you feel safe without crushing you. Neil Speers is a musician not for glory or fame but for the love of music.

( 5.5 Stars out of 6 )