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This music was inspired in part by the support and encouragement from the songwriting community that is -


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Every instrumental you have here - let me say I listened to them all  - is very impressive in it's own right - I really appreciate you sharing them - you're so incredibly gifted! 

Scott - indiehangout -
The tracks are beautifully played and quite emotive. Good music for relaxing to.

Nobody Knows

W Mowbray
This piece is beautiful, the melody is exquisite, the backing is superb and the lyrics are quite moving.

Hey Neil, most excellent. I wish there were vocals but I absolutely wouldn't trade them for the wonderful flute. I too play guitar and flute but not like this. Love your work. Very solid recording and mix. Very well written lyrics. Thanks for the listen. Michael

Summer Moods

What a stunning piece of music. I was completely taken in... Stellar!

SidChigger - Songramp
"see what you think"... I think I love the doodle/noodle here! The parts fit really well together is what I think! It goes in many directions but at the same time doesn't stray from the course... Doodle on as often as you like, Neil!! I love it! A nice Sunday Morn Treat! Thanks! - Sid

Song for Carlos

Absolutely beautiful! I don't even know how to comment on such a complex guitar piece except to say I was moved by it. 
You are an extraordinarily talented musician. Thanks so much for sharing your talent.

I have to say I am stunned!!
What amazing pieces. The guitar playing was in a similar vein to John Williams. Beautiful and romantic, 
but not too over-familiar.
I'm looking at my guitar now thinking "I need practice

AWESOME! is the only word I can think of! I wish I could play guitar like this. Beautiful! Eden

What You Are

Incredible! I am captivated. I would be SO happy if I could play like you do. Your music evokes such emotion, 
I cannot quite explain it. I can't wait to hear more!!

This is so lovely! I could listen for ever! Gets a vote from me! Diane

Montgomery Hill

SidChigger - Songramp
Now this is just what the Doctor Ordered as I sit here with a case of the flu!! What a great picker upper!! Great song Neil!! 
You are one very talented guitarist, and I think I love that doctor of mine!!You have a tremendous gift and I thank you for sharing!! I look forward to more in the future too!! Thank you much!! - Sid

You'll Never Know

This is a beautiful piece of music, delicately picked with a warm melody.....

Terrific playing! Sounds great; feels good. I look forward to listening to your other songs.

Up and Down

Sweet piece! I enjoyed its intricacies and your playing prowess. Anne

SidChigger - Songramp
Been away for a while Neil but I'm glad I didn't miss this one!! I love your playing!! Very well done!

Cry for You

This a lovely melody played with great emotional content. Great dynamics- so sadly missing in a lot of music these days. Al


This has a unique groove to it. Reminds me of some of the New Age artists with a touch of jazz to it. 
Nice progression on this one. Jim & Rich.

Ancient Regret

Rick Richardson
You sure have the guitar playing ability. I know songs like this take a lot of practice and years of experience.  Rick

Lead the Way

Nice groove. This song is quite versatile, with nice chord progression and lead. Cool! Jim & Rich.


SidChigger - Songramp
Very very pretty!! Sweet playing! - Sid

BEAUTIFUL!!!! I agree with Sid that is some sweet pickin' !!!! Eden

When It Rains

Love the sound, nice mellow out tune.....great acoustic work.... Kevin  

Very nice acoustic piece, delicate and beautiful!  Rey

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