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Tracks  now available for download at Apple iTunes

I have teamed up with :
Lisa      -  Talented vocalist/song writer 
Martin  -  Guitar player/vocals/recording engineer 
Stuart   -  Bass/Double Bass/vocals
Guest musicians :  
Bernie  -  Piano/Keyboard/Vocal

Mike      -  Piano/Guitar/Vocal

Dave     -  Bass/Mandolin/Drums
We are always looking for other like minded musicians.
The band alters depending on the gig and who's available -
So if you would like to contribute - get in touch.
Our musical interest is based around acoustic music - original material/contemporary folk.
Producing good music with like minded musicians is our priority.
If you  would like to work with experienced musicians who have something to say musically 
please get in touch. 
We are a varied age group - enthusiasm and ability are the priority.

                            Email or use the on line recruiting form.

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