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Elaine Harris Liverpool UK Singer/Songwriter Atmospheric/minimal music - experienced/talented musician.
Claire Mooney Manchester  UK Vocal/Songwriter Powerful, passionate, political - quality vocal with a touch of humour.
Phil Hare  UK Folk - Guitar/Vocal Modern/traditional songs for guitar and voice.
Exceptional vocal/guitar style - unique and passionate.

Root'n Toot'n 


Hillbilly/Country music

Lively Hillbilly trio, consisting of Slap Bass, Vocals, Electric Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar. Great fun - great entertainment.

Simon Brown Wirral Merseyside Jazz, Rat Pack, Charts and more... Piano, vocal, massive repertoire
Koo Ka Choo 


Glam Rock Band

KOO KA CHOO are not just another Glam Rock Band,
other bands try to copy their show but can't.
It's just so outrageously good. Must see/hear band.,

Jeff Jepson

Liverpool  UK

Acoustic music

Songs you won't forget, lovingly arranged, for profound enjoyment. Guitars, drums, pianos, organs, strings.

Virginia Haze

Liverpool  UK

Bluesy,Rock with Soul, Dark and Chocolate flavoured !!

Virginia has finally reached her song-writing destination. Unique and unmistakable voice,

Lisa Moffat


Carlisle  UK

Acoustic Music

Uplifing, enjoyable self penned music merging folk influences with something different.


Wirral  UK

Middle Eastern beats fused with modern club sounds.

Bellydancer, singer, artist, visionary. 
Passionate performer - must be seen as well as heard.

Hard Times 

Lancaster  UK

Acoustic Folk Band

Varied repertoire - extremey high level of competence

Ron Madore

Greenville USA

Great Artist - Pop/Rock music

Talented vocalist superb band.

Gaynor O'Flynn

London UK


Lazy lyrics sit on laid-back grooves

Aldo Vaccaro Toronto  Canada Electric guitar/Vocal music Elevated guitar playing to a New World level,  unmatched in enthusiasm and dedication.
Cuthead  Switzerland Instrumetnal Electric Guitar  This music Rocks - If you like guitar music you like this !!

Jules Bloeth

Georgia US

Female Vocalist

Unique songs and acoustic sound

Brave The Rain

Liverpool UK

Acoustic -Original

Music you won't forget

Emerald Rose

North Georgia US

Celtic American Folk Rock

Irish and Scottish classics - energetic performance style

Norman Goodman Band

 Winnipeg Canada

Stunning electric guitar playing

Amazing player - listen for free on Songramp

Strange Brood

Liverpool UK

A Unique Chamber Group

Original Music 

Kate Blundell

Liverpool UK

Female Vocalist
Acoustic Folk


Lucy Guitar

Via Guestbook on web site

Liverpool UK

Female Vocalist


Alun Parry

Liverpool UK


Music about us lot

Guy Michetti

New York US


Lyrics are solid and thought provoking

Craig Gregory

Chester UK


Loud Guitars

Pink Ice

Liverpool UK

Girl Band

Rock Chick Band

My Next Girlfriend

Edinburgh UK

5 piece rock outfit

Blend of rock, punk and funk

Sall Gibson

British Columbia Canada


Relevant, edgy and engaging songs

Jill Fielding Band

Ormskirk UK

 Folk Music

Traditional and contemporary music

Virginia Flame

North West Coast Australia

 Contemporary Folk Music

Original personal folk ballads

Pete Rimmer


Southport UK

Gentle acoustic ballads

Repertoire : Singer/songwriters of the late 60s/ early 70s - Donovan, James Taylor, Jim Croce

Also Eden

South West UK

Progressive Rock

Original Symphonic/Prog. rock

Gary Dean Jennings

California USA

Rock Music

Original Rock music all recorded by Gary in his Digital Studio

Bamboo Music


New Age

Music from the lowlands of the Netherlands (handmade bamboo flutes).

Laszlo's Diary

West Midlands

Contemporary Folk

Original vocal/guitar music - Soulful voice with  sensitive guitar accompaniment.

Bernie Fawcett

Wirral Merseyside

Jazz, Pop, Rock and much, much more.

Talented piano player and vocalist - not to be missed.

Ken Mahren

Vermont US

Acoustic Guitar

Distinctive, evocative, innovative - New age, Folk, Jazz and classical influences.

Blue Moon String Quartet


Stringed Quartet

All the music you need for that special occasion.

Capstycam  Tottington, Bury Lancashire Trio playing a variety of instruments Traditional music from the British Isles
Dantes Legacy Bury Lancashire Trio - Vocal/Gtr/Keyboard Talented group writing and performing original tunes
Dave Kier Banchory, Scotland Vocal/Guitar Original Songs on fingerstyle guitar
Hotel Ukraine
London UK 4 piece rock band: Vocals/guitars/drums
Chewed up melodies, needlepick guitars,late night early morning quirky sound make for a band you need to check out


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