My Hanson Soprano Sax
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Please note - This is my unsolicited comment on Hanson (Saxophones Direct). My relationship is as a customer only.

I required a professional soprano sax for a project I am currently working on. I use Selmer alto and tenor and wanted a similar standard of instrument. I considered all the popular brands.

I decided to buy the Hanson based on other player's recommendations, having talked to the staff at Saxophones Direct and of course having been impressed by the price.

I was offered the instrument on a fortnights approval - having played the instrument for 5 minutes after it arrived there was no way I was returning it !!!!.

The instrument comes with all the accessories - care kit,  mouthpiece, reeds, sling, 2 crooks, 2 ligatures, 2 reed caps, case and delivery is included in the the cost of the instrument. There is a 5 year warranty. What more could you ask for !!!.

The playability, finish, intonation and tone from this instrument are all superb - the cost is extremely competitive.

If you are a student or professional player the Hanson range of instruments are worthy of your consideration.

As Hanson say : Don't buy a cheap Saxophone - Choose a quality Saxophone at a low price !!!.

 Contact Saxophonedirect : you won't regret it and please  give them my regards.