Equipment Inventory
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Equipment Inventory    :   View photographs       My Hanson Soprano Saxophone Click here

Guitars :         
Electric, Classical, Semi-Acoustic, 12 string and bass :
Guild Starfire 4 Semi-acoustic
Fender Stratocaster
Fender Roland ready Strat - Roland VG8EX/Roland GI-10/Korg 05R/W synth module
Fender Telecaster
Martin OCM 28E Steel Strung
Taylor NS34ce Nylon Strung
Epiphone/Gibson Chet Atkins steel strung
Yamaha nylon stung electric AEX500NS

Fender Jazz Bass
Aria Pro Fretless
Washburn Acoustic Bass
Classical nylon strung - Tanglewood Sundance, Peterson, Cashimira
Guild, Fender, Takamine - Steel 6 and 12 string 
Square neck Dobro Slide guitar
Manouche Orchestre - (Selmer Maccaferri style)
Casio MG510 midi guitar: Musical Sketches played
using Casio Midi Guitar:  
mp3 page

Woodwind :  
Sax - Soprano,
Alto, Tenor - Selmer/Hanson. 
Clarinet - Buffet Prestige
Flute - Bettoney, Boston
Irish whistles (Including Chieftain Low D).
Yamaha WX11 Wind Controller

3x Piano Accordion, 
Samick  mandolin
Epiphone/Gibson 5 string banjo
Ozark Tenor banjo

Recording/High Tech/Amplification :     
Yamaha MD4 mini disk 4 track
Yamaha AW4416 hard disk recording unit
PC based recording system
Boss RC50 Loop Station
Roland VG-8EX Guitar Synth
Roland GI-10 Guitar Midi Interface/Korg Synth Module
Korg Toneworks AX1500G Effects Board
Korg Toneworks AX10A Modeling Signal Processor
Aria Pro II Multiple Bass Effects Board
Line 6 Flextone III XL
Marshall Comp Amp
Tace Elliot Acoustic Amp
Phonic PA, Carlsborough Mixer/Amp, Opera Speakers, Shure/Samson/AKG microphones

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