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Selection of Artists and Pieces recommended by ngmusicnw

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Right Click and "Save Target As.." Track Artist Genre Duration Size
Romp    Romp Rylan Kewen Acoustic Guitar 2.21 3260 kb
Song For Melanie Song For Melanie Rylan Kewen Acoustic Guitar 2.14 3090 kb
Tree Medley Tree Medley Rylan Kewen Acoustic Guitar 2.24 3340 kb
Waves Waves Rylan Kewen Acoustic Guitar 2.20 3270 kb
Bringing Down Maria Bringing Down Maria Deron Wade Acoustic 3.37 3432  kb

Fade Away Fade Away Deron Wade Acoustic 3.33 3356  kb
Ticket Home Ticket Home Richard Scott Acoustic 3.07 4445  kb

Sooner or  Later Sooner or Later Poligraf Acoustic/Instrumental 3.53 5520  kb

New Guitar (Live) New Guitar (Live) This is Chichi Acoustic/Rock 4.27 5289  kb

Ascent Ascent Dan Cunningham Easy Listening 7.08 8423  kb

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